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Guild Wars 2


Gold is the currency of the game which can be purchased with money. Gold can then be spent on convenience or cosmetic items, as well as account services.

Lord of the Rings Online


The currency in this version of Lord of the Rings Online is LOTRO Gold. Use it to buy items at the auction house including weapons, armour, potions and food.

Rocket League


Credits can be used to purchase Featured Rocket League items in the shop, upgrade your Rocket Pass and to build items from Blueprints (formerly known as Crates).

Fallout 76


The game’s currency is called Bottle Caps, which can be used to buy food, water, weapons, materials, and more from traders.



Buy V-Bucks to spend in Fortnite on new outfits, gliders, pickaxes and weapons as well as the latest season's Battle Pass.

Revelation Online


Buy Imperial Coins – the currency of Nuanor – which can be used to buy items at the store (battle companions ) , as well as exchanged with others.

AION Online


You can use Aoin Kinah to buy items in the shops to help improve your performance in battle.

DC Universe Online


Currency is in the form of tokens or cash that can be used to buy various items and equipment

Elder Scrolls Online


ESO Gold can be bought and exchanged for costumes, homes, weapons and even horses and wolves!



SWTOR Credits can be bought and exchanged for in-game unlocks to new planets, cosmetic items such as pets, armour and mounts as well as armour repair and crafting skills.



Currency in TERA comes in multiple forms (money, EMP, Tokens and Challenge Receipts). Money can buy you outfits, elite scrolls and pets or pay people to help you battle dragons.

World of Warcraft


In WOW gamers fight monsters, complete quests. World of Warcraft tokens can be used to extend play time or a character's life and can be bought with in-game gold.

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